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Vincent Dellicour, computer scientist and reflexologist.

My two hats led me to question how I could meet the needs of reflexologists with my computer skills.

When I looked at the existing IT solutions, I could see that they were complicated, difficult to use, or not intuitive.

I then asked other reflexologists directly: What IT solution could support your reflexology practice?

The answers were clear:

"Simple and affordable"

"A simple and inexpensive solution"
"Manage my clients and their follow-up"
"Save my consultations"
"View my calendar"
"To have theoretical help in my practice"
"Be able to print an invoice"

Armed with these concrete leads, I joined forces with my brother, a computer scientist and application designer for several years.

MyReflexo was born.

What is MyReflexo?

An application made by a reflexologist, for reflexologists.

MyReflexo is a complete solution to facilitate your work as a reflexologist.

It will allow you to manage your clients, encode a complete and detailed vitality assessment as well as each of its consultations.

A comprehensive agenda offers you the possibility to encode your consultation and other appointments.

A customised page for online appointment booking, allows your clients to register directly in your calendar.

The home page reminds you of your appointments of the day as well as the clients to recontact for a better follow-up of their health condition.

The lexicon lists more than 200 troubles and gives you avenues for working on reflex zones, systems and interesting acupuncture points to work on.

A products module (type of sessions or items for sale) is available and will allow you to print an invoice or save it as a pdf.

And still other features such as appointment reminders, practice management, appointment types, anniversaries, ...

MyReflexo works on all platforms (Windows, Mac, ...) and all browser types.
It is available 24 hours a day, respects the privacy rules (RGPD) and is perfectly secure. We guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.

More details on MyReflexo features

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